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Category Archives: Air Conditioning

It’s So Hot Outside and Hotter Inside My Car!

We have had record heat lately and now with the monsoon season upon us, it is getting uncomfortable being outside. If you park your car or truck outside and it is in the direct sunlight it can get very hot inside your vehicle. Temperatures can reach 170° or more inside! So what can you do to cool down the interior of your vehicle? When you first enter your car, start the engine and lower the windows to allow the heat to escape the interior. Then turn your air conditioning on setting it on cooling, with your temperature set to the coldest temperature and the blower to the highest setting. Also, select the setting that brings the air in from outside the vehicle. This is typically known as the fresh air setting. The fresh air setting is selected because the air outside is cooler than the air inside your car. Raise the windows so there is a gap of an inch or so. Continue on your trip with these settings. Once you feel that the air inside your vehicle is starting to feel cool, close th ... read more


Air Conditioning


Your car has two cooling systems. I like to describe them in this way: one is the engine cooling system and the other is the people cooling system. We talked about the people cooling system, otherwise known as the Air Conditioning (AC) system, in last week’s article. A proper operating engine cooling system is critical to a well operating AC system. The evolution of the engine cooling system has changed due to the changes in technology as well as the need for the car manufacturers to increase fuel economy. Remember the old radiator in your car? It was made of copper-brass, was very heavy, but was repairable. Today’s car uses a radiator that has an aluminum core with plastic tanks, is much lighter, but it is not repairable. Along with this aluminum –plastic radiator, the radiator and heater hoses have also changed. Do you remember having to change the radiator and heater hoses every four years or so to prevent a break down? I remember working on an 1984 Ford Thunderbird early i ... read more


Air Conditioning


We are used to having Air Conditioning (AC) professionals and even utility companies telling us that the AC systems on our houses need to be checked every year. This is important to maintain system efficiency and lower operating costs. Your car’s AC operates in a harsher environment then the AC on your house. The refrigerant system under the hood can see temperatures approaching 200 degrees. There is also vibration that the system endures when you car drives down the road from the engine and road surface. So it is important that you take care of your AC system so it can take care of you when it is so hot outside. So how often should the AC on our cars be inspected? The performance of the AC system on your car should be inspected once every year. Many of today’s modern automobile AC systems hold between 14 to 30 ounces or more of refrigerant (commonly referred to as Freon). Because of the harsh environment the system operates under, refrigerant loss can and does occur. This ... read more


Air Conditioning
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