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Having your car towed into a repair shop can be expensive. A tow bill can reach $100 or more. So how do you know when to have your vehicle towed in or not? Obvious occurrences would be when your car’s engine will not start or when your brakes do not allow you to safely stop your car. But many times a customer will have driven their car into our shop for repairs that in the end money could have been saved if their car was towed in. Any time you have a RED warning light illuminated on your instrument panel is an indication that you should have your car towed in. The RED warning light could be on due to a loss of engine oil pressure or an overheating condition with your engine’s cooling system. Either of these conditions can lead to expensive repairs or even replacement of your engine costing hundreds to thousands of dollars. Another indicator is if your check engine light is flashing. A flashing check engine light means there is a misfire occurring with the engin ... read more






That funny looking light is very important to the safe operation of your vehicle and it shouldn’t be ignored. The light is part of the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that will illuminate if there is a problem with the system. Most vehicles today are equipped with sensors that are mounted in the wheels that transmit tire pressure to a computer in the car via radio waves. There are some vehicles that will have a TPMS sensor mounted in the spare tire. Other vehicles use wheel speed sensors to determine if a tire is under inflated. If the light comes on and stays on one or more of your tires may have a low pressure condition. If driving, you should pull over and stop in an area where you can safely inspect your tires to see if they look under inflated. If you have a flat tire, have your spare tire put on. If the tires look low or look OK, drive to a shop that can inspect and adjust your tire pressures. Don’t forget to have the spare tire checked. As we have said before, a ... read more




How long your tires last can be affected by how well the steering and suspension is working your car. Tire wear can be affected by driving habits, road conditions (potholes etc.), and the frequency of regular maintenance of the car’s chassis. So how do you insure that regular maintenance to your chassis of your car is done? Consider having your regular oil change completed by an ASE Certified Mechanic at a repair shop that offers complete auto repair. When the oil change service is performed the mechanic will inspect your tires for abnormal wear. Abnormal tire wear patterns can identify problems with the steering and suspension of the car. Cupping of the tire tread may be an indication that the shocks and/or struts are worn and needing replacement. Cupping may also indicate that the tires are in need of balancing. If the tires are wearing on the edges the wheel alignment should be checked. The mechanic will also inspect the steering and suspension components such as ball joint ... read more


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