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It’s So Hot Outside and Hotter Inside My Car!

We have had record heat lately and now with the monsoon season upon us, it is getting uncomfortable being outside. If you park your car or truck outside and it is in the direct sunlight it can get very hot inside your vehicle. Temperatures can reach 170° or more inside! So what can you do to cool down the interior of your vehicle?

When you first enter your car, start the engine and lower the windows to allow the heat to escape the interior. Then turn your air conditioning on setting it on cooling, with your temperature set to the coldest temperature and the blower to the highest setting. Also, select the setting that brings the air in from outside the vehicle. This is typically known as the fresh air setting. The fresh air setting is selected because the air outside is cooler than the air inside your car. Raise the windows so there is a gap of an inch or so. Continue on your trip with these settings. Once you feel that the air inside your vehicle is starting to feel cool, close the windows and change the air setting from fresh air to recirculation. In some cars recirculation is labeled as MAX cool. Refer to your vehicles owner's manual to understand how these controls are labeled in your car. Now that the air is cooler inside your car, the air conditioning doesn't have to remove as much heat and you will feel cooler air faster!

Fred Hules II is the owner of Tech 1 Auto in Peoria. He is an ASE Certified Master Auto Mechanic and recipient of the 2015 NAPA/ASE Arizona Mechanic of the year award.


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